How do I activate my SDSUid?

Information on when SDSUids are provisioned and how they are activated.


Please watch How Do I Activate My SDSUid? for step-by-step instructions on how to activate your SDSUid.  Instructions are also outlined below.

SDSUid’s are automatically provisioned (assigned) and must be activated before use.  Applicants are assigned an SDSUid within two weeks of submitting their Cal State Apply application.  Visiting students, such as those enrolling via cross enrollment, Open University, or a foreign exchange program, will be assigned an SDSUid upon enrollment in a course at SDSU.   An email from will be sent to the personal email address provided to the university. The activation email will contain the SDSUid, temporary password, and instructions on how to activate.  Search the inbox and spam/junk folder for "donotreplysdsuid" to find the activation email.  

If the temporary password is not working, try copying and pasting it into something like Notepad and copy and paste back into the password field.  When copying and pasting, make sure there are no extra spaces or characters at the beginning or end.  

The activation process is not complete until you set your recovery options.  If this step is skipped, self password reset will not be available.  If you do not want to use the Microsoft Authenticator app as one of your recovery options, choose the "I want to set up a different method" option and select Email from the drop-down list.

Clearing the browser's cache and/or using private browsing mode is recommended to avoid browser issues while activating an SDSUid. 

If you can't find the activation email or need assistance with the activation process, please try our chat service.  Through chat, we are able to start a Zoom session to assist you.  Our chat service and current hours are available at


More information about your SDSUid and the services it provides can be found on the SDSUid information page.  Don't forget to check out the FAQ and Manage sections.

Note:  Once university records indicate a student is no longer enrolled, their SDSUid and all associated data will be automatically deleted.


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